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Among the world’s best climates
Several towns and villages comprise the greater Ajijic area, which is referred to collectively as “Lakeside.” At an elevation of about 5,000 feet, Ajijic is located next to the largest lake in Mexico, Lake Chapala, and is ringed by dramatic mountain ranges on all sides. The area boasts one of the finest climates in the world. The elevation and semi-arid climate moderates the temperatures and humidity, allowing for pleasant outdoor living year-round.
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Active Culture, Dining and Leisure
Long a lure for artists, writers, musicians, and other creative individuals, you’ll find a rich variety of local and international music events, galleries, art shows, writers clubs, festivals, local crafts, painting classes, and all sorts of community events. You’ll also find innumerable high quality dining options throughout the Lakeside region to suit any taste and budget.
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Conveniently Located
Ajijic is located just 45 minutes from Guadalajara’s international airport, making trips to the U.S. and Canada as easy and convenient as possible. And, because of the large expat population, many of the locals here speak English, too. In fact, many expats get by perfectly well without knowing Spanish at all.